Supernova Horizon - Flood Cover (PAIR) $79.99

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Supernova Horizon - Flood Cover (PAIR)

Supernova Horizon - Flood Cover (PAIR)

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  • Horizon Optics 

    Forward thinking; modifying light forward of projection from a reflector for superior flood coverage.
    Our horizon optics technology encapsulates a beam modifier directly moulded within a Lexan lens cover. Light passes through course and fine vertical arrays and projects horizontally outwards resulting in 180º edge to edge coverage and enhanced spread across the entire beam length, an unmatched beam pattern that can not be replicated with conventional reflectors.

  • Molecularly Engineered.

    Not all polycarbonates are the same. We opted for the highest grade of LEXAN PC which provides superior luminous transmittance, optical clarity and impact strength. This means less light is lost passing through the material while still being over 200 times more impact resistance than glass. Adding another layer of protection to the Horizon Cover's is a UV resistant Nano particle that reflects damaging UV Radiation, preventing hazing, yellowing and improving scratch resistance. Made to last a lifetime with a warranty to match.

  • Clips on & off, Infinitely.

    Easily installed without tools in seconds, the Horizon covers have high strength clips which ensure accurate and repetitive fitment for years to come. Install one or both to vary beam pattern for ultimate control across all terrains.